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Navigating your business to profitability just got a whole lot easier.

We have the road map

to a stable and profitable future

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Wanna know how to make your business more stable and profitable? ERMA Members are able to better manage and protect their businesses - right at their fingertips!

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Find out how ERMA can simplify your day-to-day operations!

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Unlock the group purchasing power of an association -                                tools, benefits & resources that fit YOUR business!

Businesses have so many factors that need to be considered if they're going to be successful - there are hurdles to overcome and pitfalls to avoid, not to mention the high costs associated with mistakes. But it doesn't have to feel intimidating! Your membership in ERMA will connect you with the tools you need to succeed—at a fraction of the price you’d pay by seeking them out yourself. We offer deep discounts on business and risk management tools to our members by negotiating group pricing upfront. ERMA members gain access to cutting-edge resources and expert advice for improving efficiency, and profitability… and avoiding potholes! 

Improve Efficiency

Administrative tasks are time-consuming and they are NOT revenue-producing activities, however they ARE critical to your business. Through your ERMA-customized online portal, complete these tasks from ONE simple online dashboard.

Save Money

Your ERMA membership can save you literally thousands on business insurance, payroll and HR administration, risk management & compliance tools and benefits not available for small employers.

Stay on Course

ERMA is dedicated to guiding our members through the complexities that come with being an employer and maintaining a steady and productive work force.

Member Benefits Spotlight



Click here to find out more about a no-cost legal review of whether your business qualifies for this Tax Credit!


Legal Counsel At Your Fingertips!

ERMA members enjoy 24/7 access to online, on-demand legal services, advice, forms & resources!

Navigating Your D.O.T. Regulatory Compliance Has Never Been Easier!

We offer a variety of regulatory compliance basic & a-la-carte services that will surely fit your business needs.

FREE OSHA Certification!

ERMA Members can earn their Certified Injury Recordkeeping Specialist (CIRS) Designation - at NO ADDITIONAL cost!

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