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OSHA Certification

Do You Know Your Company’s OSHA Recordkeeping Obligations?

OSHA requires most businesses to complete and regularly update paperwork related to workplace injuries. Although it seems like just more paperwork, staying up to date and filling out the forms accurately is critically important. Why? Failing to complete the paperwork on time and accurately can mean huge fines for your organization.

Become an Expert and Get Your Company in Compliance!

ERMA is proud to offer our members access to the CIRS (Certified Injury Recordkeeping Specialist) designation. Those who take the course will learn all the ins-and-outs of OSHA Recordkeeping, as well as the tips and tricks to keep your organization out of OSHA’s crosshairs.

This Course is 100% online, and you may take the course at your own pace. Once complete, you will be able to proudly show your accomplishment by adding the CIRS designation to your signature, and be confident that you will have become an absolute except in all this OSHA Recordkeeping!

This certification is traditionally $600 per student, but all ERMA members can earn their designation FOR FREE by utilizing their member code!

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The course includes:
• A Deep Dive into All Three OSHA Forms
• Who is Required to Keep Records
• Who is Exempted From Recordkeeping
• Evaluate Incidents for Recordability
• Work Relatedness
• Determination of New Cases

  • General Recording Criteria
  • Recording Death Cases
  • Recording Days Away Cases
  • Recording Restricted Work Cases
  • Recording Medical Treatment Cases
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