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About Us

What is ERMA?

Employers’ Risk Management Association, (ERMA) is an association whose common thread is the desire to improve profitability and stability by mitigating risks that arise due to being an employer. Such risks may include workplace injury, theft, employment-related lawsuits, governmental compliance fines, accidents or damage to the public and more. These troubles can cripple your business faster than you know if they are not addressed quickly and appropriately. ERMA brings you tangible, user-friendly and inexpensive business solutions via a customized online portal, created specifically for each member, that includes many administrative functions.

Business owners know their industry and their businesses inside and out, but they don't necessarily know how to effectively hire, train, manage and retain quality employees. They may also be confused when navigating business functions like payroll reporting, governmental and regulatory compliance, bookkeeping, insurance premium management, employee wellness and mental health. ERMA has centrally located essential tools, documents and resources in one convenient dashboard that aid in achieving these as efficiently and compliant as possible with access to HR documents packages, employee handbooks, background checks, and employment and business legal counsel --- just a few of the benefits of being an ERMA member.

ERMA is 10,000 small to mid-sized businesses that leverage their cumulative buying power for essential business risk, safety, compliance and HR services that would otherwise be out of reach for smaller budgets. We make these options affordable to our members. Your time is valuable. Spend it doing what you do best. ERMA is your one stop shop for all of your company's unique needs and goals. You won't find this level of convenience anywhere else!

Our Mission

Founded by an entrepreneur, Employers' Risk Management Association (ERMA) is dedicated to the success of other entrepreneurs and business owners. We strive to help you make your business more profitable.

From minimizing risks to maximizing profits, we've got you covered!

Because being independent doesn't have to mean being alone.


Maximum value at a cost that fits your budget!

An ERMA membership is not “one size fits all” because we recognize that every industry is different. We work hard to tailor your membership and provide you with easy access to a full range of hand-selected tools and resources that can fulfill the needs that are specific to your business and clients.

In addition, and just as important, ERMA representatives don't get paid commission or bonuses from your membership - so you're guaranteed to save money where it matters most. Unlike big-box payroll companies and PEOs (who charge for services whether they're necessary or not), we take care of your needs with thoroughness and diligence; ensuring they're taken care of without wasting your time or your money!

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