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Payroll Paycard


Pick how you pay - Anyone. Anywhere. Any way.

Today, many businesses use direct deposit each payday. It works for everyone: it's less expensive than paper checks and saves employees the hassle of going to the bank and waiting for the check to clear. But not everyone has — or wants to use — a bank. Traditional methods such as paper checks and cash payments can be expensive and leave you susceptible to certain risks like theft and fraud. That's why employers are looking for alternate ways to pay their employees.

ERMA's payroll card provider has delivered billions of dollars in modernized payouts to employees thanks to their powerful management tools, risk controls and robust money processing systems. We can help you transform your business with cutting edge payment delivery options and direct access to payroll compliance information, so you can issue electronic payroll cards with confidence!

No matter who you're paying or how frequently, our seamless solution puts the control in your hands in a single platform!

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